Magic Crowny 573
(h.)sister 1/410 Prov. Libourne (= 66/ 4.354 Nat.) and 94/23.854 Nat. Bourges

Bred from 'Crown'
Proven breeding son of 'Crow', world-famous grizzle bloodline

Bred from 'Black Magic 397'
Supreme breeding hen from BLACK MAGIC 1. Int. Perpignan of 17.965p.
x daughter NEW LAUREAAT 1. Nat. Barcelona 10.685 p. (= 1. Int.Barcelona 25.382 p.)

is mother 'Aldina'
1. Prov. Libourne 410 p. / 66. Nat. Libourne 4.354 pigeons (2019)

Ver pedigrí


Crown BE10-5031703 Reproductor comprobado, hijo de “Crow”


Daughter Black Magic NL15-1689397 Black Magic won 1st. Int. Perpignan of 17.965p.