Nino 335
BE22-5006335 3x 1. prize winners
bred from 'Nina'
gr.son 'Sua' 23x 1. prize speed

Father is bred from 'Olympic Son' x 'Sua' 'Nina'
1. Nat. Bourges, fastest 39,072 pigeons son 'Sua'
50. Nat. Bourges (492 km) 18,710 young birds

Bred from 'Amelia'
Supreme breeding daughter of 'Koen' x 'Sachi'

is mother to:
1.-5. Noyon (160km) - 480 p. with two sons 'Amelia' (2021)
1. Noyon (160km) - 653 pigeons

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'Sua' is grandmother:
1. Nat. Argenton 12,936 yl (494 km), fastest 23,570 p. '22
but also, 
100. place 879 p. (400 km) Final Derby Int. Costa del Sol, Spain 🇪🇸 2022
11. place 1,569 p. (267 km) Semi-Final Derby Int. Costa del Sol
19. place 1,672 p. (175 km) Derby Int. Costa del Sol
10. place 1,706 p. (124 km) Derby Int. Costa del Sol
This pigeon is also 2. Acebird speed Derby Int. Costa del Sol.


Amelia BE17-5032011 Supreme breeding daughter of 'Koen' x 'Sachi'

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