father is direct son of supreme breeder 'Koen'

  • 'Koen' wins 4x first prize and is father 'Tiko'
  • 'Tiko' won 9. National Chateauroux of 6.387 pigeons (2019)
    'Tiko' also won:
    1. National (zone) Bourges, yearlings (2019)
    is 18. National of 10.393 pigeons! 

granddaughter of 'Fanti'

  • supreme breeding hen from 'Sachi' with 'Last son Crow'
    'Sachi' wins 1. Nat. La Souterraine, fastest of 23.848 pigeons
  • our 'Crow' bloodline is world-famous 
    the 'Crow' is (grand)father of several first-prize winners in our loft
    see our results of 2019

mother 'White Lady' is

  • 30x prize
  • mother to first prize winners in our loft
  • from 'Avril', 'Frost', 'Napoleon' bloodline




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