Tiko 155
Proven racing bird bred from 'Tiko'
Won 40. Nat. c. Bourges (548km) 1,506 pigeons

Bred from 'Tiko'
1. Nat. Acebird Bourges 2019 – 2020 (PIPA)
1. Nat. c. Bourges (495 km) 1,130 pigeons
18. Nat. Bourges 10,393 pigeons
9. Nat. Chateauroux (548 km) 6,377 pigeons
3. Nat. c. Bourges 2,347 pigeons
32. Nat. Bourges 23,195 pigeons

Bred from 'Avril 543'
Supreme breeding hen from 'Witte Edmond'

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Tiko BE18-5025681 The only child of 'Tilly' that was ever raced and at once one of the strongest racing sons of 'Koen'!


Avril 543 BE19-5126543

Matching partner(s)

NEW Rhea 276 BE21-5035276 Proven racing hen from two supreme racers!
€ 1.250,- Available
Konda 163 BE21-5035163 Won 38/1487 Sourdun (320km)
Direct 'Figo James' 1. Nat. Acebird Chateauroux
€ 1.000,- Available

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