from direct son Sardus x Sachi

  • Sardus is grandfather Sachi
  • Sachi won 1. Nat. La Souterraine, fastest of 23.848p.
    direct Frost x Jusa
    Frost is full brother to Avril
  • Sardus is halfbrother to Jutta 
    2. Nat. Vichy of 11.510p.
    2. prov. Chateauroux
    Olympiad Pigeon
    Top breeding hen
  • Sardus was a superbreeder

from direct daughter Sedmos x Prodie

  • Sedmos is father Paco
    86. Nat. Montélimar of 8.040p.
  • Sedmos is father Girder
    1. prov. Pau
    4. prov. Cahors
    15. Nat. Cahors of 7.608p.
    21. Int. Pau of 5.441p.
  • Sedmos is bred from Sumo x Sedna 


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