Oliver Junior 534

Bred from 'Oliver Junior'
1. National c. Argenton - 1.714 pigeons (576 km) 2019
1. Dizy-le-Gros - 316 pigeons (190 km)
11. National c. Issoudun - 894 pigeons (534 km)

Bred from 'Avril 143'
Top breeding daughter 'Billy' x nest-sister Acebird 'Babe'

is mother: 1/122 club Dizy 168km (=2/885)
77/815 Halkidiki OLR 2023 Final 410km VERY HARD RACE

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Oliver Junior BE18-5025518 1. Nat. c. Argenton, 1.714p. (2019)


Avril 143 BE19-5117143 Top breeding daughter 'Billy' x nest-sister Acebird 'Babe'

Matching partner(s)

Jersey 719 BE22-5009719 Full sister to breeder 1. place 150mi 750p. Orlando Golden Classic USA '23
h.sister (same father) 'Nino' 1. fastest Nat. Argenton 23,570 p.
€ 1.000,- Available

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