Father is son of 'Magic Florian' and brother to father of 'Wulf'

'Wulf', best old bird on on 1. August 2019
'Wulf', best old bird on on 1. August 2019


Mother is 'Anja', daughter to 'Kaja'

  • olympiad pigeon speed 2011, Poland
  • halfsister 1. prov. Argenton
  • 21. nat. Argenton of 25.949 pigeons


Some results of Moor

5. Argenton, 576km 825 pigeons
2. Chateauroux, 546km 315 pigeons
15. Chimay, 140km 1.450 pigeons
13. Chimay 1.108 pigeons
46. Vervins, 176km 1.764 pigeons

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