Father is 'Kajo' x 'Sachi'

'Kajo' is our basic speed/short distance breeder. He won 14x first prize and was Acepigeon KBDB Speed in 2014. He was co-winner of the KBDB Championship Speed in 2015. He has the famous “Avril/Snow-white” as well as “Artificial Jutta” bloodlines inside. Youngsters from “Kajo” are winning from 100 up to 450km.

'Sachi' 1st. National La Souterraine 19.155p. (fastest of 23.848p.)

Mother is 'Cavendish' x sister 'Avril'



'Avril' was a top racer, just dreamlike. Her lineage - it couldn't be better - shows the class of Jos Thoné. Her grandparents are "Volare", "Sheila", "De Deen" and "Nefertete". We like to remember her as one of the fastest pigeons ever on earth.


Pigeons related to this bloodline




Daughter of Jusa and Frost



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