Josephine 815

Bred from 'Altus'
is bred from 'Last son Crow'
Last son of Top breeder ‘Crow’ 
Grandson ‘Freddy’ and ‘Artificial Jutta’

is bred from 'Sachi'
1. Nat. La Souterraine & fastest 23.848 birds
32. Nat. Bourges – 33.524 birds

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Bred from 'Blue Lightning'
is bred from 'Fyther' 
1. Nat. - 5.507 pigeons / 5. Int. Agen - 12.942 pigeons (2013)
x daughter 'Super Romeo' x 'Gloria'

h.sister 'Fyto'
'Fyto' is breeder of 'Hulk'
4x first prize speed to middle distance
1. Nat. zone c. Chateauroux (548km) 2018
16. Prov. Fay-aux-Loges (Orléans) - 5.556 pigeons (427km)

is also breeder of 'Galaxus'
5x first prize heavy middle to long distance
1. Prov. / 1. Nat. c. / 16. Nat. Limoges - 10.319 pigeons (689km)



Altus BE19-5095599 Supreme breeding son of 'Last son Crow' x 'Sachi' 1. Nat. La Souterraine


Blue Lightning BE16-2226986 Daughter "Fyther" / GrGranddaughter "Bliksem"

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