Jonker 110
Won 15. Melun (334km) 8,104 pigeons
also, 20. Vervins (179km) 2,869 pigeons

Proven racing cock and full brother to 'Jonker'
is full brother JONKER Top Breeder
10. Nat. Argenton - 13,720 pigeons
is father to:
1. fastest Nat. c. Argenton 2,886 p.
6. Nat. Libourne - 3,697 pigeons ('Lena') 
is mother Acebird 'Babe' 10x 1. prize speed
1. Prov. Argenton 3,065 yb (534 km)
= 13. Nat. 22,869 pigeons
195. Final Pattaya Int. Pigeon Race OLR 2023 (530km) 5,805p.

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