Avril 068
Inbreeding 'Avril' x 4x 1. prize winner 'Zoë' grd. 'Golden Pair' Dwain x Kirin

Bred from 'Frodo'
Son 'Frost' x 'Toendra' also inbred 'Avril'
Double gr.son Frost (brother Avril) - Magnificent breeder
Father 'Sachi' - 1. Nat. La Souterraine, fastest 23.848 pigeons
Father 'Sacha' - 7x first prize speed
Father 1. Acebird RPRA OLR 2010
& full brother world class racer ‘Avril’
Olympiad Pigeon speed, Ostend 2007
93 prizes in 6 years of racing (no doubles)
20x 1st prize!

Double gr.son to top breeding hen 'Toendra' (sister 'Avril')

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'Zoë' won 4x 1st prize speed! 

Gr.daughter 'Golden Pair' Dwain x Kirin
'Dwain' is g.father 1. Nat. Argenton 12,936 yl (494km), fastest 23,570 p. '22
Gr.daughter 'Guru'

Mother Zoë is half-sister to ‘Guyliam’
Co-winner 1. Prov. Champion long distance KBDB 2014
2. Prov. Acebird long distance KBDB 2015
1. Prov. Montauban 2014
1. Prov. Libourne - 1.077 birds 2014 with 27 m/m lead
Also 1. Nat. Zone Libourne
4. Prov. Tulle
17. Prov. Montauban / 35. Prov. Limoges
43. Prov. Libourne

also half-sister to ‘Blue Joe’
1. Prov. / 9. Nat. / 10. Int. Agen 2015


Frodo BE16-2317036 Son Frost x Toendra also inbred Avril


Zoë (Zoe) BE18-5025309 'Zoë' won 4x 1st prize speed!

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