Waldo 937
Inbreeding 'Sedna' 1. Int. Narbonne, fastest +10.000 p.

Bred from 'Waldo'
One of the last breeding sons of ‘Sedna’ in the world!

Grandfather of Waldo is Jewel, father of Gerda 1. Int. Barcelona 1996 against more than 20.000 pigeons. Gerda was once the most expensive pigeon in the world, sold to Japan for a record amount of money.

'Waldo' is also grf. 1. National Agen 2016

Bred from 'Grijny'
Fantastic breeding hen. Bloodline 'Crow' x 'Sedna'

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Inbreeding 'Sedna'
1. Int. Narbonne, fastest of >10.000 pigeons

‘Sedna’ and her descendants are pure combination of speed and strength. This world- famous lineage is winning races around the globe from 100 to 1000 km.

In 2004, Jos Thoné selected two daughters of ‘Sumo’ (BE94-5018042) and paired them with two supreme cocks of the ‘Poco’-lineage. The results were two females which in 2005 took part in the international Narbonne flight as yearlings. Both landed side-by-side and won respectively 1st International (Sedna I) as well as 2nd International (Sedna II) Narbonne (872km) of more than 10.000 birds.



Waldo BE07-5080826 One of the last breeding sons of ‘Sedna’ in the world!


Grijny BE15-2180090 Fantastic breeding hen. From father's side daughter Crow x Sedna

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