Opium x Sachi 342
Won 14/1138 Chimay (140km)
7/970 Gien (427km)

is (h.)sister (same father) to:
12/8970 Nat. Limoges
3/3714 Jarnac
27/1989 Nat. Pau
76/7957 Nat.Libourne
73/5955 Nat. Agen
86/4108 Nat. Narbonne
92/5955 Nat. Agen

is gr.daughter 'Sachi'
1. Nat. La Souterraine, f. 23.848 pigeons
32. Nat. Bourges – 33.524 pigeons

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Matching partner(s)

NEW Best Guru 118 BE18-5025118 5. Nat. c. Montluçon (564km) 1,696 p.
Raced up to Pau (970km) and made prize in every race.
€ 3.500,- Available
Time remaining:
Brother Agy BE21-5035498 Full brother 'Agy' 10. Int. Agen 14,799 pigeons
€ 1.000,- Available

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