Crow 689
Direct last son to famous breeder 'Crow'
bl.line GOUDEN GRIJZE anno 1965

'Crow 689' is full brother to breeder of:
3. Nat. - 1.859 p. / 8. Int. Narbonne - 6.012 p. (733 km) 2020
raced by Franck Menez (FR)

Bred from 'Last Son Crow'
Worldwide legacy of Champions
Among the most-famous bloodlines around the world ‘Gouden Grijze’

Bred from 'Edna',  top breeding daughter 'Sedna'
1. Int. Narbonne, fastest of >10.000 pigeons
‘Sedna’ and her descendants are pure combination of speed and strength. This world- famous lineage is winning races around the globe from 100 to 1000 km.

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Last Son Crow BE15-2180022 Proven breeding son of 'Crow', world-famous bloodline 'Gouden Grijs'


Edna BE13-5020599 Proven breeding daughter of 'Sedna'

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