Best Guru 118
5. Nat. c. Montluçon (564km) 1,696 p.
Raced up to Pau (970km) and made prize in every race.

Also won,
6. Prov. Narbonne (897km)
19. Nat. c. Libourne (789km)
12. Prov. Pau (969km)

Time remaining:
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Matching partner(s)

NEW Opium x Sachi 342 BE20-5040342 Won 14/1138 Chimay (140km)
7/970 Gien (427km)
€ 2.500,- Available
Golden Laureaat BE21-5035590 Gr.daughter LLOYD 1. Int. Barcelona 15,707 p.
Bloodline GOUDEN GRIJS, where the colour comes from!
€ 1.000,- Reserved

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