Steady long distance racer with great breeding potential.
Gr.son 'Special One' 1. Int. Barcelona 19.083 p.

Bred from 'Real Special'
Son 'Special One' 1. Int. Barcelona 19,083 p.
Only pigeon arrived day of liberation
Grandson 'New Laureaat' 1. Int. Barcelona 25,382 p.
Halfbrother 2. Int. Narbonne 6,287 p.

Bred from 'Daughter Armani'
is bred from 'Armani' (N. Bascourt)
1. Int. Perpignan 15,094 pigeons
99. Nat. Marseille 2,376 pigeons

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Avril 305 BE20-5040305 h.sister 1. Prov. Argenton 3.065 young birds 2022 = 13. Nat. 22.869 young birds Barcelona Jane BE21-5035144

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