We have selected a fine group of pigeons from our very best breeders for a special PIPA auction, starting on Monday 26. October.

There will be a particularly special pigeon for sale: a direct youngster of Figo James x Sachi. 

Furthermore, some high-class young birds from the parents of Babe (1st prov. & 3rd nat. ace pigeon KBDB) and Oliver (5x first and top breeder), from Kajo (1st prov. ace pigeon KBDB with 14x first) and from the parents of Jonker Jr. (1st Nat. Zone Argenton).

Jos Thoné stands 100% behind his quality collection of young birds sold in this exclusive PIPA auction. 

The auction ended on 8.11.2020. Many thanks to all the bidders and congratulations to the buyers! 

The interests for the group of youngsters also came from the following countries: Belgium (8), United States (5), China (3), Egypt (2), Germany (1), France (1), Great Britain (1) , Ireland (1), Netherlands (1), Philippines (1), Poland (1), Qatar (1) and Taiwan (1).