Hotnews: 10/04/2018

Nice news received from Mr Ali Obaed, Irak:

Friend of me in Iran won 6/245 p. of 25 fanciers in tough race of 935km. 

Pigeon is bred by me and the mother of this winner is 100% Thone pigeon .


Hotnews : 30/03/2018

Congratulations to our friends George and Jennifer Rankin of APC -loft

Texas - USA

Their loft is build on the Jos Thoné pigeons

Hotnews: 26/03/2018

What a start of the new racing season !!!!!

1 prize Mettet (102 km) against 823 p. (Thoné Jos)

with sister Koen




Hotnews : 18/03/2018

Many congratulations to our friend Allan Chan of the Philipinnes

He makes 1st prize on a very hard 670 km race

The winning pigeon is a 100% Thoné pigeon, bred from grandson Girder (grgrandson Little Joe) x sister Disney

Hotnews: 11/03/2018

Many congratulations to Mr Mohanraj Subramaniam of India

(pigeons imported by our friend Ashley Shane)

He makes 1st,3rd and 7th on a very hard race of 820 km

1th and 7th prize are won by 50% Jos Thoné-pigeons bloodline Little Joe and Sedna

3rd price is won by a 100% Jos Thoné pigeon as grandchild Little Joe , grgrandchild Sedna


New generation


We want to congratulate our friend Joe Gomes with his 11th and 25th place in the final of the One dollar Race in South-Africa

The bird who wins the 11th is bred of a daughter Guyliam, granddaughter Guru




Jos Thoné (As, BE): Fast, faster, fastest -

Jos Thoné is known as a true all round champion who knows how to perform at the highest level at all distances. Over the past few years Jos has formed a magnificent racing team of sprint birds which meets all criteria necessary to compete in modern pigeon racing.

Fast, faster, fastest

You can easily call this Jos Thoné’s motto, certainly when talking about his pure sprint racers. Next to an excellent racing team in the longer middle distance, long distance and extreme long distance, Jos also has a uniquely balanced racing team where speed is combined with strength and a large dose of endurance and weekly achieves great results in the pure sprint races. This results in a chain of first prices and championship titles. Even after several sales (in 2016 all old birds were auctioned off ) Jos Thoné continues his momentum and retains his place at the top. Icons of the sprint team are without a doubt Kajo ( 1st Provincial Ace Bird Sprint KBDB and 14 x 1st), Avril (20 x 1st prize), Cavendish (1st Provincial Ace Bird Sprint KBDB) and Sachi (1st National La Souterraine 23,848 birds, as well as a ball of pure speed). New hits are Babe (1st National Ace Bird LCB and 1st Provincial/ 3rd National Ace Bird Sprint KBDB 2017), Star (a super racer) and Gagan (1st-1st-1st-2nd-2nd-2nd-…).

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Jos Thoné (As, BE): Snel, sneller, snelst -

Jos Thoné staat al vele jaren gekend als een echte allroundkampioen en is in alle disciplines van de duivensport thuis. Zo heeft Jos de afgelopen jaren onder meer gebouwd aan een schitterende snelheidsploeg, die voldoet aan alle noden van de moderne duivensport.

Snel Sneller Snelst

Dit kan je gerust het motto noemen van Jos Thoné, zeker als we het hebben over zijn pure snelheidsduiven. Naast een uitstekende vliegploeg op de zware halve fond en fond, beschikt Jos immers ook over een unieke uitgebalanceerde vliegploeg met snelheid gecombineerd met kracht en een flinke dosis uithoudingsvermogen, die wekelijks mooi weer maakt op de pure snelheidsvluchten. Het resulteert in een rits aan kopprijzen en kampioenschapstitels. Ook na meerdere verkopingen (in 2016 nog werden alle oude duiven geveild) blijft Jos Thoné gewoon op zijn elan verder gaan en zijn plaats aan de top behouden. Iconen van de snelheidsploeg zijn ongetwijfeld Kajo (1e Provinciale Asduif snelheid KBDB en 14x 1e), Avril (20 x 1e prijs), Cavendish (1e Provinciale Asduif Snelheid KBDB) en Sachi (1e Nationaal La Souterraine 23.848 duiven, maar ook een pure brok snelheid). Nieuwe toppers zijn Babe (1e Nationale Asduif LCB en 1e Provinciale / 3e Nationale Asduif Snelheid KBDB 2017), Star (supervlieger) en Gagan (1e-1e-1e-2e-2e-2e-...).



比利时阿斯(As)的乔斯.托内(Jos Thoné):快,更快,最快












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Racing season 2017


1 National Acepigeon speed LCB

1 Provincial KBDB Acepigeon speed

3 National KBDB Acepigeon speed

10 National champion KBDB speed -old pigeons and yearlings



55x 1st prize (no doubles)

2,3,45,46,48,53,61, .. Semi-National Chalone  5.699 pigeons
3,6,7,8,12,14,22,…Nat. C Bourges 1.321 p.
8,25,26,48,49,… Nat. C Chateauroux 1.952 p.
1 Vervins 2.379 p. (fastest of 6.278 p)
3.12… Nat. C Brive 1.058 p.
5, 10 Nat. Argenton 13.621 old pigeons
1 Nat. C Argenton 1.092 p.

31 Nat. Argenton 22.649 yearlings
2,25,29,30,37,42,….. Nat. C Argenton 1.563 yearlings
10 Semi-Nat. Montelimar 2.823 p.
55 Nat. Chateuroux 14.955 yearlings
67 Nat. Chateauroux 10.454 old pigeons
77 Nat. Marseille 1764 p
15,23,24,25,26, Chimay 4.367 p.
1 Nat. C Argenton 290 old pigeons
3,6;10,  Laon 1.573 p.

More info 2017: click here


Racing season 2016



More info 2016: click here


Racing season 2015



Championships KBDB




1 PROVINCIAL CHAMPION KBDB speed old pigeons

1 PROVINCIAL CHAMPION KBDB long distance yearlings


6 NATIONAL ACEPIGEON KBDB long distance yearlings

10 NATIONAL CHAMPION KBDB heavy middle distance

12 NATIONAL CHAMPION KBDB heavy middle distance yearlings

13 NATIONAL ACEPIGEON KBDB speed old pigeons

20 NATIONAL CHAMPION KBDB speed old pigeons & yearlings



But also

67 x first price (no doubles)

5x 1 National Zone

1 Champion long distance Genker Fondclub

1 Champion very long distance Genker fondclub

1 Champion Limburgse fondclub heavy middle distance old pigeons & yearlings

1 Champion long distance Koninklijke duivenbond Zonhoven

1 Champion very long distance Koninklijke duivenbond Zonhoven

1 Champion middle distance Midden Limburg youngsters

More info 2015: click here



Pictures of the visit of the vice prime ministre Mr Wang Qishan of China

(thanks to Luc Daelemans HBVL for the pictures)