Jos Thoné - Niel bij As (BE) … experienced new ‘top weekend’, with 1° Prov Moulins… 8° Intnat. Soustons… and 33° Nat. Barcelona!

When we tell you that Jos Thoné is not shy of this or that ‘stunt’, i twill not be anything new to you. Well.. last weekend the Thoné pigeons once again held the ‘sledge hammer’ high… ‘food’ enough to get a more in-depth discussion …
The sport season 2010 is well on its way to going into the history books as one of the ‘toughest racing seasons’ ever for our pigeons. Because if there is one true constant in the weather picture … it is the on-going head wind, which makes it extra difficult for our pigeons. The majority of the races (except for the Brive weekend) were raced with velocities of 1250 m/min or less… ideal then for the ‘real top pigeons’ to distinguish themselves. Because in such circumstances there is little excuse … they ‘can do it’ or they ‘can’t do it’! Whoever analyses the results will certainly have noticed… the first nominated… the most gambled on pigeons… are this year always ‘in front’ in the results! They are also dreamed of conditions for the ‘top lofts’ to distinguish themselves… something which in many places at the moment translates into ‘dominant’… often ‘surprising’ pigeon game… sometimes true ‘displays of power’… which certain lofts leash on their nearest opponents!
One of our ‘national toppers’ and ‘national figureheads’ where the success mills is once again this year running on full steam is… Jos Thoné from Niel bij As! Both in the sprint, middle distance, long distance or ‘grand distance’… the Thoné pigeons have to be taken into account where the winning of ‘1° Prizes’ is concerned… or in setting down ‘bang performances’! Over the years… it has been no different! Now neither… because the 2010 sport season will form no exception, quite the opposite… because during the ‘tropical’ weekend of the 3rd of July, Jos managed to achieve his second provincial victory of this sport season… with 1° Prov Moulins against 707 yearlings! A few weeks ago we reported the 1° Prov Montélimar against 1.309 p. by Jos Thoné, which at the time was the first crowning for the strong game of the previous weeks. But it was as clear as water in a ‘Holy water font ' … that it wouldn’t stop at that. When  Jos has his troops at ‘full steam’… they can ensure a nice display of ‘fireworks’! Last weekend the Thoné pigeons showed what they were worth from both Moulins, as the international Soustons for yearlings, and of course, from Barcelona.
It was super yearling hen ‘Chloe’ who stunted from Moulins… with provincial victory by the 707 yearlings…  whilst ‘Guru’ ensured a top performance from Soustons, and laid claim to an 8° place ‘international’… and also ‘Bundi’ made his contribution by shining in 33° place national and 69° international Barcelona. In the meantime, also victory in the club from Limoges Old birds + Moulins Old birds… this to show you that Jos has once again experienced a ‘top weekend’! A few figures:
-Moulins   Prov   707 YL 1-17-31-48-52-56-59-65-71 or already 9 pigeons per 10 from the 28 nominated.
-Barcelona club    109 p. 2-3-12-16-18-20-25-26 (12)
           Nat 12.657 p. 33… etc 
         I.Nat 25.878 p. 69… etc
Soustons I.Nat 10.261 YL 8… etc

These of course are the preliminary results and forecasts at provincial, national and international level! Yet… in the prevailing ‘very tough’ conditions, so as was the case last weekend… on virtually all flights in which there was victory … translated into provincial victory, and top prizes at national and international level… definitely easier said than done, and not reserved for everybody. Let’s just take a closer look at the ‘tenors’ who have achieved these top performances!
-‘Chloe’ B09-5061230
The brand new 1° Prov Moulins! A chequered hen descending from a combination of the top lines ‘Napoleon’ x ‘Sars’. The golden stock lines which lie at the basis of numerous superior crack pigeons… not only by Jos Thoné self, but worldwide:

Father: ‘Ludo’ B01-5010047…
GF: ‘Superman II’ B88-5100722, who won a.o. 7° Prov + 52° Nat Bourges 10.992 p., 9° and 26° Prov Orleans etc… (and grandson of the ‘Superman 253/82’which was 1° Nat Ace pigeon)
GM: ‘Daughter Napoleon’ B00-5041519,a super breeding hen (and daughter of 1° Prov Reims 6.459 p., 1° Marne 1.514 p… namely, stock bear ‘Napoleon 004/93’ x ‘Miss Ottey 264/91’ who was 2° Prov Ace pigeon Sprint LDS).

Mother: ‘Daughter Dora Mar’ B06-5054714… inbred to star breeder ‘Sars’ and his daughter ‘The Artificial Jutta’ out a ‘son’ x ‘daughter’ of this super hen…
GF: ‘Son Sardus’ B05-5148065, an ‘inbred’ grandson of famous stock breeder ‘Sars’(as son of ‘Sardus 096/04’ x ‘The Artificial Jutta 667/03’, winner 1° Prov & 2° Nat Vichy 11.510 p. ’03… Note: ‘Sardus’ and ‘Artificial Jutta’ are half-brother and half-sister to each other and are both children of the wonder breeder ‘Sars’!)
GM: ‘Dora Mar’ B05-5148430, self 10 x 1° prizes with a.o. 1° Prov + 2° Nat Bourges 11.215 p. ’06, 1° Prov Melun ’06, 15° Nat Bourges 12.549 p. ’07, 7° Nat Argenton 5.001 p. ’07… and 1° Nat Ace pigeon Middle distance Yearlings ‘Ave Regina’ 2006 (and daughter of a ‘grandson Sumo’, namely: the ‘Bonk 358/01’, 39° Nat Argenton 23.493 p… x ‘The Artificial Jutta 667/03’, winner 1° Prov & 2° Nat Vichy 11.510 p. ’03).
This ‘Chloe’ can produce ‘good papers’ then… and is a pigeon of the very ‘great class’… she underlined this with the following magnificent performances:

’09 Couvin        284 p. 5
        SM      1.380 p. 23
’09 Sezanne Pr  5.860 p. 386
’09 Couvin         702d. 24
        SM      1.304 p. 44
’09 Gueret Nat 14.245 p. 1283
’09 Couvin        819 p. 25
’10 Chimay        329 p. 14
’10 Chimay        315 p. 32
’10 Vervins       456 p. 7
’10 Laon          415 p. 12
’10 Sens        1.154 p. 40
’10 Gien          132 p. 1
        Prov    2.346 p. 7
’10 Gien          235 p. 15
        Prov    2.245 p. 69
’10 Nanteuil    1.247 p. 56
        ML      4.131 p. 146
’10 ChateaurouxI  438 p. 44    (29 May)
        Prov    1.630 p. 145
’10 Chateauroux   109 p. 1      (5 June)
        Prov    1.962 p. 18
        S/Nat   9.026 p. 99
’10 ChateaurouxII 509 p. 163
        Prov    1.233 p. 279
’10 Moulins Prov  707 p. 1

-‘Guru’ B09-5061041
Was the second top pigeon to ‘stunt’ during this first July weekend as winner 8° Internat Soustons 10.261 yearlings. He mainly stems from the ‘extreme long distance lines by Jos Thoné, take a look:

Father: ‘Father Perrelet’ B98-5075723… father of the 17° Nat Montélimar, and self descending out no less than 2 x 1° Intnat Barcelona-winners…
GF: ‘Arnold’ B95-5052496, winner 1° Intnat Barcelona ’97 (and self son of ‘Kirui 333/93 x ‘Half-sister Poco 266/92… this ‘Kirui’ also comes out a Half-brother ‘Poco’).
GM: ‘Poco’ B92-5000631, winner 1° Nat Barcelona hens ’95 and 1° Intnat Barcelona Yearlings ’93…

Mother: ‘Bo’ B04-5026164… full sister of ‘Sedna I’ winner 1° Intnat Narbonne ’05 , 1° West-European Ace pigeon, 1° Nat Ace pigeon YL LCB, 1° Prov Ace pigeon KBDB, 1° Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance Ave Regina etc…
GF: ‘China Boy’ B00-5041850… son of ‘Brother Gerda 728/96 (‘Gerda’ won 1° Intnat Barcelona 20.191 p. ’96) x ‘Sisy 1’ 982/98 (daughter of ‘Kirui 333/93’ x ‘Zidana 823/95’, winner 1° Nat Bordeaux ‘98).
GM: ‘Amelia’ B00-5041682…full sister of breeding legend ‘Emperor’ or the father of the 1° Intnat Dax 2003 and 2° Intnat Dax 2004 (and so daughter of that other legendary super breeder Thoné: the ‘Sumo 042/94’ x ‘Eva 023/93’).
This ‘Guru’ comes then out the ‘noblest winner’s blood’ by Jos Thoné, and underlined this straight away as a yearling from Soustons 2010! His honours list includes:

’09 Reims         444 p. 92
’09 Couvin      1.996 p. 77
’09 Vierzon       541 p. 73
        S/Nat   2.278 p. 150
’09 Bourges Pr  4.377 p. 202
        Nat    37.357 p. 972
’09 La Ferté    1.043 p. 261
’09 Argenton Pr 2.261 p. 308
        Nat    23.900 p. 3458
’09 Reims       1.422 p. 178
’09 La Souterraine
        DO      4.581 p. 894
’09 Couvin      1.304 p. 72
’10 Chimay        301 p. 59
’10 Vervins       187 p. 42
’10 Laon          415 p. 66      
’10 Nanteuil    1.563 p. 230
’10 Gien Prov   2.245 p. 178
’10 Nanteuil    4.131 p. 489
’10 ChateaurouxI  438 p. 74    (29 May)
         Prov   1.630 p. 236
’10 Chateauroux   109 p. 10     (5 June)
         Prov   1.962 p. 141
         S/Nat  9.026 p. 814
’10 Montluçon   1.734 p. 56
         CFW    3.122 p. 162
         S/Nat  5.907 p. 247
’10 Soustons 
         I.Nat 10.261 p. 8

-‘Bundi’ B06-5150554
A ‘light chequered’ cock out the golden Barcelona lines in the lofts of Jos Thoné! No wonder that Jos nourished high expectations of this chap… and that he also seems to go to deliver fully . He was the first pigeon (of the 12 basketted) to report home to As from Barcelona… good enough for a 33° place National and 69° International Barcelona… Class!!! His lineage:

Father: ‘Bunder’ B00-5041613… self 3° Primus Inter Pares 2006 BBC… won 5 x Barcelona and has in his pedigree 3 x 1° Intnat Barcelona winners with a crossing Gerda x Poco x Arnold… and is also Uncle to ‘Sedna I’, winner 1° Intnat Narbonne 20058 He is then a full brother of ‘China Boy 850/00’… the father of ‘Sedna I’:
GF: ‘Brother Gerda’ B96-5078728… and grandfather of ‘Sedna I’… ‘Gerda’ won 1° Intnat Barcelona 20.191 p. ’96 (and so son of father ‘Gerda: the ‘Jewel 159/93’ x ‘Mother Gerda 540/89!GM: ‘Sisy 1’ B98-5075982… grandmother ‘Sedna I’ and half-sister ‘Arnold’… and so daughter of ‘Kirui 333/93’ (father of Arnold) x ‘Zidana 823/95’, winner 1° Nat Bordeaux ’98!
Mother: ‘Beluga’ B02-5051919… Mother: ‘Beluga’ B02-5051919… winner 1° Barcelona 500 p. in 2004, 12° Nat Barcelona 3.012 Hens, 71° Nat 12.275 p. and 253° Intnat Barcelona 24.913 p…
GF: ‘Quantum’ B93-5014828… inbred to ‘Poco’, 1° Intnat Barcelona YL ’93, 1° Nat Barcelona ‘95 (out ‘Half-brother Poco’ 516/91x ‘Half-sister Mother Diego Armando 546/91’).
GM: ‘Daughter Haile’ B99-2221235… daughter of ‘Haile 343/93’, winner 1° S/Nat Pau, 14° Nat Pau and 24° Nat Bordeaux ’94 (out ‘Playboy 822/86’ x ‘Sister Spinner 884/87’) x ‘Spinneke Diego’ 212/93 (out the father of ‘Poco’: ‘Old Diego 481/82’ x ‘Granddaughter 90’ 538/84 Van Wanroy).
This ‘Bundi’ has performed as follows so far:

’07 Melun          756 p. 46
’08 Salbris      4.022 p. 989
’08 St.Vincent     460 p. 50
        E.U.     2.377 p. 226
’09 Sens         2.809 p. 290
’09 Gien           533 p. 41
        Prov     5.079 p. 283
’09 Montélimar   1.554 p. 39
        DO       4.581 p. 121
        Nat      8.232 p. 172
’09 Barcelona      131 p. 12
        Prov     2.374 p. 318
        Nat     13.502 p. 1740
        I.Nat   27.669 p. 3700
’09 Perpignan Pr 1.084 p. 243
        Nat      7.364 p. 1445
        I.Nat   18.354 p. 2477
’10 Gien Prov    4.295 p. 713
’10 Nanteuil       479 p. 87
’10 Montélimar     407 p. 63
        Prov     1.309 p. 151
        DO       3.923 p. 642
        Nat      7.191 p. 1286
’10 Barcelona      109 p. 2
        Nat     12.657 p. 33
        I.Nat.  25.878 p. 69


Barcelona demands ‘Barcelona pigeons’… is sometimes said . Well this ‘Bundi’ delivers here the perfect proof! We can even carry this on to other competition disciplines in our sport… because whether it concerns the middle distance, extreme middle distance or extreme long distance… the conclusion is always identical! Behind real ‘toppers’ there is often a ‘good pedigree’ hiding… simply because ‘top racing’, the ‘winning’… is baked into this sort.
If there is anybody in our country who has real ‘toppers’ who can distinguish themselves from the rest, from sprint and middle distance… to the ‘extreme long distance’… then is it Jos Thoné. Over the years he has kneaded a pigeon stock which can distinguish itself in all disciplines, can compete with the best everywhere… in other words, real ‘all-rounders! The 2010 sport season is once again the best proof of this… whereby the counter already stands above 30 ‘1° Prizes’! Yes, you read it right… the 2010 sport season is just over halfway through, and the Thoné pigeons have already brought the victory flowers home more than 30 times… already achieved more than 30 x 1° Prizes from sprint to grand distance, including 2 x 1° Provincial! This with the ‘extreme long distance lines’ created around ‘Poco’- ‘Arnold’- ‘Gerda’ and other ‘Sedna’s’… the extreme middle distance lines around the ‘super breeders’ so as ‘Sars’ and ‘National II’… whilst the middle distance lines have for the most part the lines of wonder breeder ‘Sumo’, the ‘Napeleon’ and the ‘Superman’ in them… superior breeding lines which are often crossed amongst themselves! Over the years Jos has managed to knead a ‘stock’ of pigeons, the like of which is not known anywhere else. Because these are just a few examples from the ‘broad group’ of ‘top pigeons’ which are part of the ‘Thoné-racing-team’… but also reflect perfectly the ‘all round’ capacities of the colony… because for all the disciplines in our sport there are real ‘crack pigeons’ in the lofts… they know that from ‘Niel bij As’ to ‘Tokyo’- ‘Peking’- and ‘Chicago! That was proved once again last weekend with the winning of the 1° Prov Moulins… 8° Internat Soustons… and 33° Nat + 69° Internat Barcelona! In other words, the ‘world class Thoné’ has floated to the top again! And God knows what the coming weeks will bring!

The ‘Thoné- team’ is clearly running at full speed… the ‘top condition’ is blowing through the lofts… and then his ‘top performances’ are never far away. Especially when you have such a loft of ‘class pigeons’ so as Jos Thoné… with pigeons that just have that little bit ‘more’… can do just that little bit ‘more’… are that little bit more ‘clever’ and/or ‘faster’… that have a surplus of ‘power’ and ‘resistance’… than their nearest opponents! Pigeons that can ‘stunt’ in all conditions… In short, pigeons that have made the Jos Thoné colony world famous! For our part you could call the pigeon happenings by Jos Thoné … a ‘self-made story’ from a ‘self-made man’!